Wire Wanders…have you seen any?

A family wire business has always been part of our lives- almost like another member of the family! Growing up we would often go out to work with Dad on weekends, enjoyed calling in to see customers and we have very fond and interesting memories of accompanying Dad on overseas work trips

Chianlink mesh urban art in Melbourne
Chainlink mesh urban art in Melbourne. One of the many benefits of stainless steel chainlink mesh is that it wont rust like this.

Since 2002 Tory, James and I have worked with Dad- Andy and Mum- Lea in Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh. Prior to that Tory and I worked with Andy in Greer Industries- a wire manufacturing company. Dad has always been incredibly passionate about stainless steel wire- sometimes I wonder if it runs through his blood, probably not far off as he has now being working in the industry for at least 45 years. I think it’s fair to say he loves it and we can’t imagine him ever retiring! So it’s not surprising that it has rubbed off on Tory, James and I. We often find ourselves drawn to different uses of stainless steel wire and mesh that we find in our wanders.

I recently noticed this Chainlink Mesh urban art popping up around Melbourne- it may not be stainless but is an interesting use of Chainlink Mesh- we do stock Stainless Steel Chainlink Mesh.

chainlink mesh street art melbourne
Chainlink Mesh- street art in Melbourne


I pointed it out to my three year old son who suggested I take some photos to show Andy. Over the years we have supplied many artists and sculptures with stainless steel wire & mesh- stay posted.

What are your thoughts?

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