Spot the Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh……

It always gives me a little buzz to see where and how stainless steel wire and mesh is used. It is a great product with so much versatility and hence I have a lot of respect for it! Its applications have traditionally been in the mining, construction, food and industrial industries and therefore difficult to see and appreciate in everyday life. However times are changing and the use of stainless steel wire and mesh is increasing and so too are its applications. Below are a couple of recent uses that I have spotted- it is a bit like my version of ‘Where’s Wally’- my children coined it ‘Spot the Stainless Steel’ years ago! Stainless steel wire & mesh in the landscape Being a keen gardener I often find myself visiting gardens. On a recent visit to The Garden of St Erth Digger’s Garden I spotted two great uses.

Wattle & Wire fence- can be achieved with 2.5mm stainless steel wire grade 316

A terrific and durable fence installed by Wattle & Wire. A unique split pale fence constructed with split timber and galvanised wire. This fence is now being installed in costal locations with stainless steel 2.5mm wire in grade 316.

Stainless steel hexagonal netting installed on the surface of a boardwalk to improve foot traction, such a simple yet effective use!

Boardwalk with stainless steel hexagonal netting to improve foot traction
Boardwalk with Stainless Steel Hexagonal Netting

Stainless steel mesh at the Zoo With five grandchildren under 5 now- my wife and I are busy grandparents! At a recent visit to Melbourne Zoo I loved pointing out the use of stainless steel mesh in the new Lion enclosure to the kids- an early appreciation can never go astray!

Stainless steel black woven mesh at Melbourne Zoo lion enclosure

We would love to hear about interesting uses of stainless steel that you have spotted!

What are your thoughts?

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