Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh in our Garden

We are now enjoying the beginning of spring- you can smell it in the air. As a keen gardener I love this time of year, lots of plants are beginning to shoot and unfortunately so are the weeds! To stay on top of the garden I have to be organised- I have decided to share with you some of the ways that we use stainless steel wire and mesh in our garden. One of the many benefits being that it requires no maintenance!

Garden Fence & ScreenStainless steel welded panels used as infills with second hand red gum sleepers as the framework.

stainless steel welded mesh panel screen

stainless steel welded mesh panel screen 2     stainless steel welded mesh panel screen 3

This use works really well as it is sturdy, yet the mesh openness allows the sun to penetrate and allows for good visibility. So we can see the garden and our dogs love being able to see through it!

Vegetable Plant Supports– Stainless steel welded panels 2400 x 1200mm used as support to grow my vegetables.

stainless steel welded mesh panel vegetable support   stainless steel welded mesh panel vegetable support 3
I am fortunate to have access to stainless steel wire & mesh as I love it. However in all honestly I have never found a better material than the stainless steel panels to support my beans, broad beans and peas.

Potting Bench –Intercrimp stainless steel woven mesh used as an infill with rustic hardwood. My son in law’s hobby of wood work has been but to a very handy use here!

stainless steel woven mesh wire crimp bench

To me gardening is all about sharing with family & friends and the enjoyment and learning along the way. I am forever potting plants up- our potting bench gets a lot of use and it is great to have one that functions well too!

Enjoy your gardening and I am very grateful for the stainless steel wire & mesh in our garden!


2 thoughts on “Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh in our Garden

  1. I made a large set of tomato cages about 12 years ago with a full roll of wire mesh and I love them. I varied the diameter of the cages so they would nest inside each other and reduce the required storage space. My tomato plants literally grow out the top every year due to the very good support. They have been stored outside all this time and they are still in near new condition.

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