The ‘Ins and Outs’ of Stainless Steel Woven Mesh – Part 2

We often have customer requests to identify stainless woven mesh whether it be to match or replace an existing specification. Using the formulas and steps below will help you identify your mesh. Give us a call if you get stuck! (For terminology refer to our previous post)

Formulas for Identifying Woven Mesh

To calculate the aperture
1. Count the number of apertures over 1 inch (N)
2. Measure the length covered by the N apertures  (24.5mm)  (L)
3. Measure the wire diameter (D)

calculating woven wire mesh aperture

Working example of calculating the aperture of 6/20 woven wire mesh
1. Number of apertures counted                              N = 6
2. Length covered by apertures centre to centre     L = 25.4mm
3. Diameter of wire                                                   D = 0.9mm
4. Aperture

calculating aperture stainless steel woven mesh

The woven wire is identified as 3.33mm aperture / 0.9mm diameter

Mesh Count
If the aperture and the diameter are known the mesh count can be determined

calculating mesh count

Percentage Open Area
Woven mesh consists of open spaces and material. Open area is the total area of the holes divided by the total area of the cloth and is expressed as a percentage.

calculating percentage open area

Micron conversion

A micron is another measurement used for measuring mesh size. A micron is one millionth of a meter or one twenty five thousandth of an inch

micron conversion

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